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The Merz Trio Returns:

Dreams and Visions

Thursday, December 17, 2020




Join us for a private virtual event as the celebrated Merz Trio "returns" to the Ayer Mansion.  Tickets help fund Phase III of the facade restoration, which will focus on restoring the Tiffany columns and copper-clad doors, and support the Trio.

Tickets are $35 a person.  To register and receive a link for this private event, click here.



The Way We Dress: Clothes and Meaning

From the special occasion to the everyday, from made to order to the remade, clothing opens a window into our values, our society, our status, and our hopes for the future. Preserving and studying historic clothing provides a uniquely personal understanding of how past generations lived and expressed themselves.


Join us to hear three noted New England clothing historians and curators bring us back through time through the lens of fashion. 


Three New England Brides: Self-Fashioning in the Georgian Era


Dr. Kimberly Alexander

University of New Hampshire

Weddings are powerful events infused with joy, ritual, and tradition. In the eighteenth-century, as now, weddings were an occasion to look one's best, which in the British colonies often included purchasing the latest fashions from London. If budgets did not allow for the extravagance of clothing worn only once, the couple wore their finest suit of clothes, or repaired or refurbished what they had--perhaps a gown handed down or a pair of shoe buckles from a favorite aunt. Regardless of their current station, a betrothed couple frequently dressed in clothing of a higher social status, expressing their hopes for the future.  Join us, as historian and author Dr. Kimberly Alexander explores this phenomenon-- called “self-fashioning” – through an examination of the wedding shoes, dresses and finery of three New England brides.

Pictured on left: Detail, Elizabeth Bull [Price] wedding petticoat, collection of The Bostonian Society; Hannah Edwards embroidered wedding shoe, collection of the Connecticut Historical Society; Detail, Rebecca Tailer [Byles] Spitalfields silk damask wedding dress, collection of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Join us also for a special photography presentation and reception (tickets extra):


Fashion Forward: Hollywood Steps Out, 1920–1935

Scott C. Steward

Editor-in-Chief, American Ancestors & New England Historic Genealogical Society


All presentations are held at the Ayer Mansion, 395 Commonwealth Avenue


6:30 PM: Wine and cheese reception

7:00 PM: Presentation


$35 per person per lecture

$10 for students (25 years and under)


$100 Series Ticket (all three lectures) (single)

$195 Series Tickets (all three lectures) (couple)

$350 Sponsor Ticket (2 Series tickets plus photography show opening)


To order tickets online, please click here or call 617-536-2586.


All proceeds benefit the Campaign for the Ayer Mansion, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Tickets are deductible to the extent allowable by law.


Please note: tickets are non-refundable, but may be transferred to other individuals.