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Our mailing address is:

Campaign for the Ayer Mansion, Inc.

395 Commonwealth Avenue

Boston, MA 02215


Jeanne M. Pelletier, Preservation Advisor

Scott C. Steward, President

Editor-in-Chief, Publications
  New England Historic Genealogical Society

Maria Antonieta Varela, Vice President

Director, The Trimount Foundation, Inc.

Stephanie O’Neill, Treasurer, Clerk

    Executive Director,

    Bayridge Residence & Cultural Center

Irene Dorgan, Director

Jules Wheaton, Docent

Samara Nelson, Intern


Jonathan L. Fairbanks

    Director Emeritus, Fuller Craft Museum

    Former Katherine Lane Weems Curator,

    American Decorative Arts and Sculpture

    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA


Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen

    Anthony W. and Lulu C. Wang Curator of     American Decorative Arts

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art    

    New York, NY


Philip C. Haughey

    The Haughey Company, Inc.

    Boston, MA


Keith Morgan

    Director of Architectural Studies

    Boston University, Boston, MA


Virginia Raguin

    Professor of Art History

    College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA


Richard Guy Wilson

    Professor of Architectural History

    University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA




Since 1964, the Ayer Mansion has been home to the Bayridge Residence & Cultural Center, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a nurturing and inspiring residence for single women attending undergraduate and graduate programs in the Boston area.



Prior to Bayridge, a succession of insurance companies and doctors offices occupied the space, modifying many of the rooms and upper floors. Miraculously, however, much of the original Tiffany details on the first and second floors were untouched, and the previous owners even boarded up the weakened 25-foot stained glass laylight in the stairway, preserving it for future restoration, which was completed in 2003.


Since they first hired an architectural firm in 1998 to identify the defining characteristics of the building and create a long-term restoration plan, Bayridge, and its parent organization, the Trimount Foundation, Inc., have been excellent stewards of the Ayer Mansion. Bayridge and Trimount pay for, and manage all the day-to-day maintenance of the Ayer Mansion, and work in partnership with the Campaign for the Ayer Mansion, to help restore the priceless Tiffany features.


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